Stained Glass Windows


  Christ Church Eureka old building.png Almost all of the stained glass windows at Christ Church Eureka were originally created for the first building occupied by Christ Church at the corner of 4th and E streets in Eureka. This church was built in 1869 and held its first service in 1870 with a consecration by Bishop William Ingraham Kip in 1871. The windows were removed from the original church and installed in the current building in 1938.

The designer and manufacturer of the windows in the original church was John Mallon (1828 – 1897), a prominent stained glass maker in San Francisco who also designed the stained glass windows in the Carson Mansion. The glass-type of the windows is referred to as “cathedral glass,” which is transparent in places where it has not been painted.

Christ Church Eureka Rose Window.png


The Rose window on the north end of the west wall was not made by John Mallon since it was made when the new building was constructed in 1938. The Rose window consists of two symbols: the rose and the dove. The rose has been a common Christian symbol since the 1200s, representing the Nativity of Christ, the Virgin Mary as well as Messianic promise and martyrdom. At the center of the rose is the downward-facing dove, a symbol of the Holy Spirit who descended upon Jesus Christ at his baptism, as God the Father said, “This is my beloved child with whom I am well pleased” (Matthew 3:17). We believe that God says these same words to all who are baptized and that the same Holy Spirit promises to descend upon and empower all baptized believers to share God’s healing love with the world, in the Name of Jesus Christ. The Rose window was given by Hugh D. Smith in memory of Martha Patricia Smith.

The memorial window was given in memory of J. A. Watson and Benson and Eliza Seaman and includes the Bible verse: “Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord” (Revelation 14:13).


Good Shepherd window.jpg



Download Brochure of Christ Church Eureka Stained Glass Windows here

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