Covenant for Safe Community


Christ Church is a community dedicated to the love, mercy and joy of Christ.  We strive to be a welcoming community, offering emotional and physical safety to members and guests.  As a church community, we have agreed that the following expectations guide how we live our lives together:

To live generously and give as we are able to meet the needs of those around us;

To use our church facilities as designed and intended;

To speak courteously to each other, listening to those things with which we disagree;

To assure that the church and all church facilities are a place of safety for all;

To respect personal and church property;

To honor a safe and sober lifestyle; and

To respect the safety and comfort of all.

In order to assure that ours is a community that offers as much emotional and physical safety as possible to members and guests, the following actions and behavior will not be permitted:

Loud, abusive aggressive or threatening language.

Asking for money or other resources at church events and/or unauthorized appropriation of any item.  (A resource guide for area agencies that provide assistance is available in the office.)

Bathing, taking food or other items, washing personal items of clothing, staying after events have ended or otherwise abusing hospitality is not allowed without permission of the Rector or designee.

Stalking, aggressive behavior, sexual advances, physical or verbal harassment, inappropriate conversation or any other threatening act.

Use or possession of illegal drugs.  Use of intoxicating substances on or around church property without permission of the Rector or designee.

Passageways, doorways and walkways must not be blocked.  Bicycles and other transportation equipment, pets, other than service animals, and bulky gear may not be brought or stored on church property without permission of the Rector or designee.

Thank you for your cooperation.  God’s Blessings.

Vestry 2017

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