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Dear Parish Family,

I have been eagerly awaiting to celebrate this 150th year with you from the moment I arrived. We have been planning for this year’s many celebrations since January 2019, when Belinda Zander convened the first meeting of the sesquicentennial planning committee in the Heritage Room. At that time, I invited the members of the committee to dream big and we did indeed!

Our overall theme for the year is “Steadfast and Growing Since 1870.” We know that by rooting ourselves deeply in our Christian and Anglican traditions, we remain steadfast; and by branching out to new partners, new generations, and new ways to fulfill our mission, we can continue growing as we have been since 1870. Appropriately, our logo for the year is an image of a redwood tree branch growing out of the ancient symbol of the Holy Cross, which is being held by an even more ancient religious symbol: the Lamb of God. We know that it is by being rooted in our rich past that we can grow most faithfully into our thrilling future.

As a committee, we decided that one or two celebrations of our 150th year would not be enough. We wanted to celebrate all year long, with a special guest and theme for each month. So our celebrations are also “steadfast and growing” as we build towards a climax in the month of May when Bishop Megan will come to help us commemorate the first worship service of Christ Church Eureka (May 17th). Throughout the entire month of May, we will be worshipping from the old Anglican prayer books, beginning with the 1549 prayer book, then the 1662, and then the 1789, which the first Episcopalians of Christ Church Eureka used. In this way, we will immerse ourselves in the very same prayers that our Anglican ancestors prayed.

Along the way to May, we will show off our historic campus as part of the Eureka Heritage Society Home Tour, learn about the liturgical year from Suzanne Guthrie, sing songs of Thanksgiving with our brothers and sisters from other faith traditions, explore the mystery of the Incarnation with Richard Rohr and Dan Price, celebrate the past clergy of Christ Church Eureka, renew wedding vows, and discover new ways to reach out to those in need, especially the hungry, the homeless and the forgotten. And so much more!

I invite you to join us in our steadfast growth by participating in the many events and programs we have planned throughout the year and by considering ways that you can share your gifts of time, talent, and treasure with us. Make sure you have a copy of our 150th celebration brochure (which can be accessed here) and share it with others as well.

Thank you for prayerfully considering how you can best express your gratitude through generous giving “for such a time as this”!

With Gratitude for 150 years,

Daniel London +

P. S. For those who might be new to pledging and stewardship, we ask that you prayerfully discern how much you can give this year so that we can create a realistic budget to continue our church’s myriad ministries along with our sesquicentennial celebrations. We ask that you fill out a pledge card and let us know if you plan to give weekly, monthly, or annually. Pledge cards are available at church if you haven’t already received one in the mail. Our pledge ingathering will be Sunday November 3rd.

For your convenience, we offer the option of donating online, using your credit card or bank account. Just click on the donate button:


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* Information is automatically sent with a high level of data encryption.
* To help safeguard you against identity theft, every PayPal payment is followed by an email confirming your transaction.
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