Stations of the Cross

You are invited to experience the Stations of the Cross at Christ Church Eureka here by watching the videos below (only available during Lent).

Access the worship booklet here: Stations of the Cross at Christ Church Eureka

Stations cover.png

The Chapel of Our Merciful Savior at Christ Church is home to the stunning series of watercolor paintings of the Stations of the Cross by local artist and iconographer, Kathrin Burleson. In this fresh and unique mystical approach, the stations draw one into ever deepening levels of meaning.

Kathrin writes: “The Way of the Cross is the way of each of us, for it is indeed the journey of the soul. While the life of Jesus is extraordinary, and he was hardly ‘any man,’ the remarkable thing is that he lived life as one of us. He shows the way for each of us, because in him and his story we see ourselves and the challenges and suffering that we all face. Through him and his teaching, we discover the possibilities of redemption and the transforming power of love. There is no right or wrong way to practice this devotion. Various Stations may speak to us at different times and a given station may hold a new and unexpected meaning. Be patient and simply follow your heart.”

Christ Church 023

The redwood paneling has been restored and provides a beautiful setting for Kathrin Burleson’s expressive watercolor paintings.

Images from the Stations of the Cross Sacred Saunter on Good Friday 2019

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