The Rev. David Shewmaker




Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost Proper 17 Year C (Sermon September 1, 2019)

A Reflection on Sabbath (Sermon June 3, 2018)

Seventh Sunday after Pentecost Proper 9  (Sermon July 8, 2018) Text: Proper 9B 2018

Rejoice in the Lord (Sermon December 16, 2018)


I bring an understanding of the need to move this church forward in the mission of the Kingdom of God, making it relevant & appealing to our neighbors, while, at the same time, valuing our traditions & being faithful to our mission.

Secondly, my 29 years’ experience in managing a healthcare equipment business in 2 small towns taught me much about how to keep such a problematic enterprise afloat & progressing.

Thirdly, my experience within several small churches has given me much insight into the gifts that such enterprises have & how to encourage & support them, while understanding the challenges they face to keep going in the ministry of Jesus. I understand that there are both internal & external obstacles that must be addressed, including finances, polity, evangelism, & apathy.

Fourthly, though this is the most important of all these characteristics, I have a faith tried by time, trial, and the love of my fellow Christians, that God is at work in this church in this time, and the primary work of all of us is to seek in prayer, scripture, & fellowship to follow where God is most certainly already leading us, to take advantage of the abundance with which he has provided us by being faithfully grateful.


BA in English, University of Missouri – Kansas City

MA in Secondary Education, University of Missouri – Kansas City, 1971

Certificate of Anglican Studies, CDSP, 2007

Work History

Special Ed teacher 1 year

Respiratory therapist 35 years

Manager of Apria healthcare, Eureka/Crescent City 29 years

Ordained to the Priesthood, April 12, 2008

Chaplain at Hospice of Humboldt 6 years

Priest in Charge at St Paul’s, Crescent City 9 years (retired, 2018.)

Member of the Diocesan Board of Trustees

Licensed Preacher/Eucharistic Minister/Lector 10 years prior to ordination.


Married 32 years, 2 adult children, Megan & James.

One excellent puppy, 1 cat.

Same house 32 years.

I am committed to the value of —

Small churches

Small towns

Small businesses

Importance of Family

Importance of Neighborhoods

I am an active member of Semper Virens Deanery working/planning group.



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