Regathering Task Force

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and at the direction of our bishop, the  Rt. Rev. Megan M. Traquair in a communication to the diocese in May 2020, a team of Christ Episcopal Church members was assembled by the rector, the Rev. Dr. Daniel D. London, on June 9, which included clergy, vestry members, lay leaders and musicians. The experience brought to the team includes individuals that have worked in large state agencies, higher-education, California public schools, a certified medical professional (RT) along with small business owners and career clergy. These individuals bring a wealth of knowledge to the team from the public and private sectors.

Since that time the pandemic has grown in ways few imagined, and restrictions on in-person gatherings have been extended several times. The clergy and lay leaders have responded to these restrictions immediately by cancelling in-person services and, in three days, developed and conducted our first live-stream worship service on March 15 – The Third Sunday in Lent..

Thus, it is time to start on the gradual, responsible and safety-conscious road to regathering on our church campus. This will be done with government, CDC and other health professionals’ guidelines in mind. Currently we are at the beginning – only meeting online.

Look to this page for updates as well as documents related to our regathering process.

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