Regathering Task Force Survey

Below are the responses from the survey which was conducted from June 26 through July 7. We received a total of 88 responses which represents a 76% response rate.

The Task Force is currently updating the draft plan based on the responses. The situation is fluid, yet, despite the uncertainty, we have been working on a staged plan to slowly reopen our church campus which will be posted. The plan will be submitted for review to Humboldt County and the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California.

Regathering Task Force Survey – Responses

1. Have you been participating in our online worship services during this time?

Yes     88.0%             No       12.0%

2. Have our online services been helpful to you during this time?

Yes     87.8%             No       12.2%

2a Comments: (open text)

Esp. like having Compline online and later in the evening.

I enjoy the music


I have not used online services, so not applicable to answer.

Father Daniel’s sermons are always helpful I have enjoyed David Powell’s music. I appreciate that the services are recorded and available later

I do not relate to the computer. I am looking forward to services in the church. Appreciate your zooming for others

Hearing and seeing participants and being able to respond and sing with them makes it easier to feel our spiritual connection.

Thank you for having church online! It is wonderful to see everybody who is on Zoom & all the comments. It is reassuring to be led by Fr. Daniel – his desire to be led by God’s will is evident in all his sermons and comments.

It’s been fun to see how the on-line services have evolved. Doing things in new ways can be a plus!

The messages and connection with community leadership has been very helpful emotionally and spiritually during this trying time.

My participation is sporadic. I mean well.

Invaluable connection!

I would like to have opportunities for online fellowship. Perhaps a virtual coffee hour? I know this being done at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco after the Sunday service and it has been lovely to connect with others via Zoom. We start the meeting as a group and then go into breakout rooms. The topic is often tied to our interpretation of the homily.

Frankly I may have filled this out before. I don’t recall. I live in Palo Alto now and belong to St. Mark’s here but still also belong to Christ Church. I tune in and hear part of Fr. Daniel’s sermon, etc. around 11:15. I’m glad it is later than St. Mark’s so I can participate a bit in both.

Services are very meaningful and done so professionally.

I haven’t been attending all the Sunday Morning services as I’ve been working. The online services have been well done- showing different views on Sunday. Music pieces by David Powell were excellent. I haven’t seen some of the later services Tuesday Compline invokes all the senses with incense, candles etc. Wonderful.

When I tune in my heart swells. I am so happy that we can keep in touch during this trying time. I also love when you Zoom around the inside of our glorious church. About twice a week I drive by the church and stare makes me happy!

Virtual Verger does very well on the technical front! Love the virtual mini choir. Can it be larger? Wish that Zoom didn’t unsync the sound and video sometimes. Services always leave us encouraged and enlightened and challenged!

I look forward to Sunday service and Tuesday compline. I live alone so I appreciate these services and seeing lovely faces of clergy. Hearing David sing is added blessing.

Appreciate the connection and spiritual teachings. Very comforting especially now.

Online services somewhat frustrating. Miss communal singing most. Preaching is the highlight. Like having lectionary readings published on Saturday for the next day.

Not as good as in the flesh, but far better than nothing. I find spiritual warmth and nurture from all of it, but especially Fr. Daniel’s homilies, David’s singing, and the Creeds!

Yes, I look forward to watching every Sunday. they are very comforting and allow me to stay connected to church. The sermons have been exceptional! Thank you so much.

I love it.

Sermons have given us a sense of peace in the midst of the pandemic and other discouraging news.

I thank you and all who have worked so diligently and effectively to provide us with the opportunity for online worship. There is an unexpected beauty to the services brought to us from the unpopulated Nave, the music has been–remains–an inspiring and moving part of the service, the homilies have brought me a better understanding of this time we find ourselves sharing and are stimulating, provocative and always enlightening…and the occasional cat visitation adds a spontaneous charm. All, so much appreciated. Yes. The cats, too.

I am so impressed by the technical success, very grateful for everyone’s sincere participation, Believe the need for spiritual community is VERY IMPORTANT.

I like the Day by Day monthly and the Chronicle.

Well done!

It has been a very comforting connection

I serve as Priest Associate at St. Alban’s so participate in the service there and online events for the parish.

Don’t have a computer. I am gone on weekends during summer.

Do not know how to use a computer.

I’m not too fond of or like to use YouTube or Facebook.


Services have been wonderful!

Great to see your smiling faces.

We have really enjoyed the services and have found inspiration from Fr. Daniel’s sermons.

I enjoy the online services, although I saw only a few

Reading all church emails and participating on the Finance Committee has helped me to stay more connected.

I do not have a functioning computer

I really appreciate the Sunday am services. Feel very connected with the participants.

I so appreciative of the online worship services, and it allows the rest of my family (who do not normally attend in person services with me) to participate and hear the messages.

I am only driver for two older-than-me seniors. Also, the only one shopping and doing tasks for one of them. If I go down, they will be left in a lurch. At the same time, I am being more exposed while shopping & while accompanying to medical appts. than I would be on my own.

Receiving the service bulletin in advance is helpful. Keeping to the service rituals help on feel like you are part of the service.

Don’t have a computer.

Love the cats! And the Birthday Brigade made this all a bit more bearable – thank you!!

3.   Which Worship at Home options are you participating in or plan to participate in during this time of COVID-19 restrictions? (mark all that apply)

Joining real-time worship via Christ Church’s YouTube channel30.6%
Watching recorded livestream Sunday worship at other times during week20.7%
Tuesday Compline via Zoom17.1%
Bible Study via Zoom (under development)   7.2%
Reading the Sunday Lectionary (Scripture)   6.8%
Praying the Daily Office in the Book of Common Prayer 6.3%
Daily reading of other devotionals, e.g. Forward Day by Day11.3%

3a. Other – (tell us what other programs/services you would like us to offer during this time)

Zoom coffee meeting

Perhaps links to other forums, lectures, programs and music that are relevant and available online, i.e. Cathedral service, other local services, Black Lives Matter, forums on KEET-TV, etc.

Virtual coffee hour? Virtual outdoor service? Virtual Bounce back picnic? Adult education?

While we have good weather, you could gather outside for something like an ice cream social, keeping 6′ apart from non-household members.

Possibly Bible Study. I read Forward Day by Day and other devotionals.

Online coffee hour, adult education programs, online daily office

Outdoors is our friend in these times. We are blessed with a temperate climate and I think we should explore a variety of outdoor worship options.

I would love to receive the forward date day by day lectionary. Is reading the Sunday lectionary different than the daily office?

I use Day by Day most days and some assorted prayers I’ve gathered over time. A healing prayer and one from the Iona Community (?Scotland) and the anti-racist prayer used by the Presiding Bishop, etc.

Seems like there is quite a bit on offer now! Not sure that I could keep up with much more! Still not everyone has computer access, and we do have magnificent spaces. So, perhaps we could have the church or chapel open for prayer at certain times and limit the number of people entering. I would volunteer to be on a Rota.

Socially distanced picnics/coffee outdoors, if allowed by Health Dept., perhaps by Saunter grounds chosen by church (or self-selected). Coordinated/moderated small group meet ups via Zoom.

Would love to have Zoom Coffee and conversation or tea. Great way to get together. Heard St. Alban’s was doing this.

How about organ music – 30-minute camera on altar area – time of silent prayer and calmness – candles may or may not be lit. Time of contemplation. Doug could play – Thomas – Helen H. just hymns would be fine.

I think you are doing a wonderful job. I would participate in small groups even just to visit and catch up with church family. I miss communion.

I love Fr. Daniel’s classes. I’d like to see a Let’s help each other list – who needs to buy a car? Who can’t find a lawnmower? Who has too much toilet paper? etc. I’ve wanted this for a long time, but in the coming year it seems ever more important.

Is there any way to have any sacred organ music (Merry) played?

You all are doing a GREAT job helping me feel connected. My heart is with you all. This church family is so important to the entire community.

Offer services from major U.S. Cathedrals via videos?

Education for Ministry by Zoom book studies on topics of spirituality and theology by Zoom

Thursday Night Compline on Facebook

I don’t do the above with regularity, as I find worship more encouraging in the presence of others.

I look forward to the weekly Email updates. I appreciated the one wellness/check up call I received (even though I missed it). I would like a little more of that live-voice outreach as I live alone. I am missing everyone!!

Cancel the 8 am service. Split the congregation between service at 9:30 and service at 11:30.

Ping Pong?

4. Under current COVID-19 restrictions (early Stage 2: Lower-Risk workplaces), when would you be comfortable participating in person for worship or other church activities?

I am ready to come back now!14.0%
15 days without new COVID-19 confirmed cases in Humboldt County 9.7%
30 days without new COVID-19 confirmed cases in Humboldt County 3.2%
Stage 3 (Higher-risk workplaces) under State and County Guidelines 5.4%
Stage 4 (End of Stay at Home Order) under State & County Guidelines17.2%
Not until I am vaccinated against COVID-1916.1%
Unsure at this time34.4%

4a. Other: (open text) 

At this point I see vaccination as the safety, but that could change, depending on what happens here and throughout the country. I guess I am not sure at this time.

When it is safe for immune compromised people.

It would really depend on what the arrangements for service are at church.

This won’t last forever and I’m in no hurry to expose myself to what would probably be fatal given my underlying conditions and age. I extremely limited my activities.

While I myself due to my age am likely not to be as severely affected by the virus, I’m very hesitant to put the majority elderly population of our congregation at risk and put this decision in their hands entirely.

It depends on whether the State and County guidelines make sense or are decisions made out of more concern for economics than people’s safety.

With proper social distancing and air flow, I could be comfortable returning to church now. It would be nice to consider doing the outdoor saunter services again since this may be safer with masks and it would allow more social distancing and time in this beautiful summer weather.

As far as indoor services, it would depend on what was on offer as to whether I would be interested in attending yet. I watched a recent Sacramento ordination where only bread was offered. People took the bread and then went off to eat it by themselves. And there was no sung liturgy. This, to me, would not be a very satisfying worship experience.

Would absolutely come back with a mask and plastic gloves.

Not sure about gathering indoors yet.

Lawn are between office & chapel – social distancing a must!

Considering current upsurge, I wouldn’t feel safe now.

I’ll help all I can thru the computer.

We intend to return when vaccinated or when a very superior mask is developed for the general public.

I wish I had an answer. There are SO MANY unknowns. I believe the real issue has to do with how we are now going to live and function with this invisible society-changing challenge for the extended, probably forever, future…. that is, unless we experience MIRACULOUS developments/breakthroughs, which I believe in and am always open to!

If the numbers of participants allow space between us, then now.

If we are able to comply with social distancing inside.

Effective therapy is widely available for treatment

Guidance from governor and bishop

When all restrictions are lifted.

We might wait a long time for a vaccination.

When everyone feels safe.

Probably the Stage 4 option; will have to see how pandemic progresses.

Yet to be determined.

Ready to return now with appropriate cleaning and social restrictions.

5.   Of the following options for in person worship under COVID-19 restrictions, which ones would you participate in?

Outdoor Worship on Church Campus32.5%
Sacred Saunter/Sequoia Park29.4%
Lewis Hall Worship 8.0%
Chapel 6.1%
Adult Education in Lewis Hall 5.5%
Nave/Main Church16.6%
Adult Education in Lewis Hall 1.8%

5a. Other:

Compline in the courtyard

Probably not going out until there is a vaccine, although I might consider outdoor worship on the church grounds.

I think outside services for the summer months is a good option.

When the weather turns cold again, I would return to watching our live-streaming service.

Any worship done outside with its proper ventilation and encouragement of masks does sound like the safest idea when it comes to physical regathering.

None of the above.

I have never attended in person, so I’m not sure how chapel and Lewis hall worship and education work.

Only online stuff unless I return to HumCo.

Maybe to indoor worship.

(see diagram for seating in Nave/main church)

My biggest concern has to do with a new protocol for communion. Maybe we each bring our own tiny cup + bread in a small container, keep it to ourselves, and have a group Consecration over all the individual items, which are then consumed separately, together. Nothing touching anything else. Maybe when the elements would normally be held up for consecration, we each lift our own up.

I am more comfortable with Zoom Church.

None of the above until End of Stay at Home Order is lifted.

Occasional service to honor beloved friends

via live stream

Long for Nave/Main Church

Staying home.

Depending on restrictions

6. What age range best describes you:

Under 30 3.3%
30 to 49 6.7%
50 to 6420.0%

7. Do you have children under the age of 13 living with you?

Yes     8.2%               No       91.8%

8.   Do you have health issues that could be exacerbated by a COVID-19 infection? *Vulnerable populations as defined by CDC: People 65 years and older; People of all ages with underlying medical conditions; People with diabetes; for full list visit

Yes     64.3%             No       35.7%

9.   What are some things not mentioned previously that you think need to be accomplished before you feel comfortable returning to in-person worship? What other concerns do you have that the Task Force needs to be aware of?


Arranging for John H.’s replacement.

More education about personal behavior, now and in the future. Perhaps changes in what is expected during the Peace

Hand washing availability? Bathroom ventilation?

Pandemic may take a year or more to subside without a vaccine. Just carry on.

When the heater runs, it will recirculate air which may be contaminated. That’s why I’ll be sheltering in place, because I personally feel a mask wouldn’t be enough to protect me for an hour or more.

Thank you to all of you! Peace & blessings,

I appreciate the work of Fr. Daniel, other clergy, vestry, and regathering task force as we adapt creatively to these challenging times.

People’s nature, including mine, is to draw near others when in conversation. This basic human response will make any gathering, even outdoors extremely difficult to make safe for all those present.

I look forward to connecting more in the future with everyone via Zoom and in person.

As a nurse in the VA clinic my wife is at risk of exposure every working day. This puts both of us at risk and we would not consider spreading that risk to Christ Church. Therefore, until a vaccine is available, we will not be participating in person. I have greatly appreciated the special efforts that David Powell, Merry and Paul Gossard have made to make the virtual choir possible. I have missed the communion of choir practice.

I trust that Christ Church is doing everything possible to make the right decisions during this challenging time. I am looking forward to the day when we can all come together without worry.

See 4a. Thank you for all that is being done to provide quality on-line services, and for all the work that is going into planning for the future.

If we do join soon (month or so) masks and plastic gloves are important. Also, I absolutely have to sit on square chair from Chapel. Someone has to help me up. In the church I have a pew in front of – so no problems getting up. Thank you! I appreciate all that you are doing.

Would physically distanced picnics, coffees (in-person) be allowed? Still wish there was some interactive way to meet and socialize, online, either written or video. Would coordinated small group Zoom meets be possible?

Continue social distancing, wearing masks, ventilation (improvement of) once we regather.

I am sure you are being thorough.

Health/death/hospital issues of parishioners sent to all members. Food? (usual after service goodies?) Communion offered? Shaking hands, embracing? If we have services ushers wear gloves – programs already placed on available pews. (see diagram for seating).

So many people don’t comply. Making sure of ventilation in all venues and small groups. Rotating times and days of service.

Unfortunately singing as a group (hymns, etc.) is highly dangerous for spreading infection. I can’t see this happening until a vaccine is developed. Preaching through a mask while indoors – how much social distancing from the speaker is safe? I would be concerned about any indoor speaking without a mask in front of a group.

Most of all, I am grateful THERE IS a task force, and this survey is a wonderful gesture. At this point, I am only comfortable with small group, distant, outside possibilities. I am so ready for a Sacred Saunter, but it would have to be obviously reconfigured somehow. Maybe an extended solo saunter, with readings posted at the stopping spots, that we each do separately, all spread out. A solitary saunter, together. Lots of silence and spirituality. I would be happy to be part of a pilot group to try it out. PS. Other additional comments- I marked yes on living with children because they are my family pod, I see them often, up close, in person, but we do not live together.

With discoveries of how this virus can stay active and travel in the air I want to keep myself, my Husband and others around me safe by staying away from crowds, in any circumstance.

Some of us for various reasons, need to wait it out till the virus has run its course by staying out of circulation.

Politics? Naive?

Two of us in our household work in the hospital and do not want to come to church and expose anyone unnecessarily. We are eager to return to church but don’t want to risk others health.

I am willing to do whatever I can in order to come home to church. If this means wearing a face covering when I am sitting in my pew, not serving, so be it. Sitting inside church is already hot and stuffy some days. To wear a face covering while I’m doing what I love, would be unrealistic for me.

Require masks of parishioners, ushers, social distancing (6ft), hand sanitizer.

Spaced seating, masks required, deep cleaning of areas we touch-door knobs, handrails, bathrooms, etc. (Additional space for vesting for service participants – or staggered times.) Must leave if coughing or sneezing (even if allergies).

Before including coffee hour – considerations, including transit participation, food preparation, distancing resolved. Thank you for all you are doing. Blessings.

How surveys were submitted:

Mail                 61.4%             (54 responses)
Online            38.6%             (34 responses)

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