The Twelve Apostles

Episcopal priest and artist George Shultz (1896-1971) served as a priest at Christ Church Eureka during some summers in the 1960s when Bishop Jack Thompson was on vacation. Affectionately known as “Father Shag,” he was from Missouri and served at several Episcopal parishes in Oklahoma. His portraits of the twelve apostles are on permanent loan to Christ Church, where they have been installed in Lewis Hall.

The Twelve Apostles by Fr. Shag in Lewis Hall at Christ Episcopal Church Eureka CA
Under the Fig Tree with St. Bartholomew
The Mischievous Smile of St. Matthew
St. Andrew’s Cross Marks the Spot of God’s Advent
The Son of Thunder who Heard the Heartbeat of God
Seeing Our Likeness in Judas Iscariot
St. Philip the Approachable Dontopedalogist
St. Peter and the Rooster’s Wake-Up Call
Listening with St. Simon the Zealot and Apostle to the Britons
I Dare You To Call Me “Doubting Thomas”
The Unflashy Faithfulness of St. James the Less
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