Christmas Services

logoChrist Church Christmas Services

9:00 am Dec. 24th Advent 4

4:00 pm Dec. 24 Christingle Service with Eucharist

10:00 pm Dec 24 Choral Prelude

10:30 pm Midnight Mass

10:30 am December 25th Holy Eucharist Rite II with Carols

A note from Merry Phillips, our music director:

The Christmas Eve Mass begins with a Musical Prelude at 10 pm, offering instrumental music (flute, piano, guitar, and organ) as well as choral music sung by the Choir, and a Carol for the congregation to join in singing. The 10:30 service includes traditional carols sung by the congregation and a festive choral anthem offered by the Choir. Following Communion we will dim the lights and sing “Silent Night” by candlelight, then end the service with the joyous hymn “Hark! the herald angels sing.”