Christ Episcopal Church Eureka

Concert for Four Hands and Four Feet – July 27th, 4PM

Concert for Four Hands and Four Feet

The second “Sundays at 4” summer concert at Christ Episcopal Church (15th and H Streets, Eureka) will be on Sunday, July 27, at 4 p.m. A program of keyboard duets for four hands and four feet will be performed by Douglas Moorehead and Merry Phillips. These free summer concerts offer an opportunity to hear music that is not often performed and to learn about the music and the instruments.

The program will feature a variety of duets composed for four hands (and feet) or transcribed from other works. The first movement of the Sonata in D minor, op. 30 by Gustav Merkel, a late 19th-century German composer, is an organ duet (four hands and four feet). A Fancy for Two, composed by organist and well-known improvisationist Gerre Hancock, is a contemporary piece in a contrasting style to the earlier baroque sounding piece. The first Concerto for Two Organs by Antonio Soler was composed in the late 18th-century and reflects Spanish musical traditions. The concerto will be performed on the harpsichord and the organ. Joe Utterback, jazz pianist and composer, wrote Visions for organ and piano. This jazz-influenced composition reflects the energy, color, and moods of jazz improvisations. Completing the program will be a transcription of John Philip Sousa’s The Stars and Stripes Forever, transcribed for organ duet by America’s famous duo organists Raymond and Elizabeth Chenault.

Douglas Moorehead is the former Organist and Music Director at Christ Episcopal Church, and founder of the Rhododendron Festival Concerts. He oversaw the installation of the magnificent Kegg pipe organ and acoustical renovations at Christ Church. He recently retired in December 2013. Merry Phillips is the current Organist and Music Director at Christ Episcopal Church. Both are members of the local chapter of the American Guild of Organists.

Please join us for this fun concert featuring four hands and four feet and a wide variety of music. Two performers for the price of one – and did we mention that it is free?!

For more information, call 707-442-1797