Christ Episcopal Church Eureka

“SUNDAYS AT 4” Concert, July 27th

A Very Interesting “SUNDAYS AT 4” Concert this Month

The “Sundays at 4” concert this month will be on Sunday, July 27th, at 4:00 PM , and it will feature four hands and four feet playing keyboard instruments! The hands and feet belong to Merry Phillips and Doug Moorehead, in a concert of duets for organ and piano, organ and harpsichord, and organ and organ (both players playing the Kegg organ at the same time). You will enjoy hearing the former Christ Church Organist and the current Christ Church Organist playing at the same time: two for the price of one! Since this concert is free, your experience will be priceless!

The music selections are as varied as the performing situations. The program will include:

One movement of a Sonata in D minor for organ for four hands (and feet) by Gustav Merkel, who was a German composer in the late 19th century who wrote in a Bach style using the rich tone coloring of the 19th century; A duet for two organists on one keyboard by Gerre Hancock, who was the Choirmaster/Organist of St. Thomas Church in New York City for many years and just recently deceased; A Concerto for Two Organs by Antonio Soler, composed in the late 18th century near Madrid and reflecting Spanish traditions, and being played by Merry on the Kegg organ and Doug on his harpsichord; A mellow jazz piece entitled VISIONS, composed by Joe Utterback for piano and organ duet (Merry will do the piano part) and displaying a positively gorgeous melody; and finally THE STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER by John Philip Sousa, arranged for one organ 4 hands (and feet!).

We do hope that many of you will want to come and bring your friends to see how two people can manipulate their hands and feet at the organ all at the same time. The console will be visible for all to see from the nave, with harpsichord and piano adjacent. We think that everyone will truly enjoy the wide variety of music in this program.

–Doug Moorehead